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The fact that a device passed a validation test does not mean that it will provide accurate readings in all patients. There can be substantial numbers of individual subjects in whom the error is consistently 5 mm Hg with a device that has achieved a passing grade. This may be more likely to occur in elderly or diabetic patients. For this reason, it is recommended that each oscillometric monitor should be validated on each patient before the readings are accepted.
- AHA/ASH/PCNA Scientific Statement 2008
Gold standard of non-invasive blood pressure measurement

Auscultatory blood pressure or manual blood pressure measurement used by medical professionals is the gold standard of Non-invasive blood pressure measurement. They use a stethoscope to listen to the beat pulse (Korotkoff sounds) during cuff deflation to determine the BP readings.

Accutension re-invent auscultatory BP with your smartphone for accuracy.
Accutension lets you hear the same sounds with your phone
The left and right red lines mark the first and last beat pulse sounds (Korotkoff sounds) in the top chart, indicating the systolic and diastolic blood pressure respectively.

The oscillometric wave in the middle is used by automated blood pressure monitors that has no obvious relationship with the blood pressures.

Play the video to watch and listen to the playback of the blood pressure measurement. Please use your earphone to hear the low frequency (bass) Korotkoff sounds and identify the first and last beat pulses.
Accutension is even better than direct auscultation
The smartphone records the beat pulse sounds (Korotkoff sounds) related to blood pressure.
Accutension App visualizes them, so you can simultaneously see the sounds on your phone’s screen.
You can playback the sounds after the measurement to ascertain the reading. The visualized sound curve lets you see them for precise measurement.
If the sounds are bothering you, just email the file to your doctor.

Hear the sounds
with your ears
and take your accuracy under control!

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